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  • Sarah Perlman, LICSW (she/her)

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    This year has been incredibly challenging for those who are most vulnerable: those in need of mental health care. Since 2016 when I obtained my Masters in Social Work, it has been my mission to take my passion about mental health and make it accessible and approachable for all those who are in need.

    Over the course of my career I have worked with an array of populations including teens and adults struggling with eating disorders, adolescents with trauma, and, for the past 5 years, working in a social/emotional/behavioral collaborative school dealing with complex diagnoses as well as working with those with ASD. My approach to therapy draws on the theories of CBT, DBT, and the Social Thinking Model, while focusing on an environment that is safe, inclusive, open minded, and trauma informed. I believe in focusing on the strengths of the clients, as they are the experts of their own lives. With this mindset, my goal is to empower and guide each client as I support the journey to reach his/her/their goals as we collaborate in this therapeutic relationship to build the tools and strategies to a healthier life.