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  • Jennifer Orlando, LMHC (she/her)

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    After 19 years in the mental health field, I believe the best approach to change is through relationship, support, dedication and commitment. I will work directly with you to explore the change you wish to make in your life and help guide you in finding meaning and importance in yourself again. Priority will be placed on you directing treatment while I will support, encourage and motivate you towards redefining the next phase of your life. We will work collaboratively in exploring those concerns that you feel have been holding you back from moving forward and making progress.

    I use a number of therapeutic approaches but will always tap into your insight and expertise of your own life and together we will explore thoughts and feelings that may be uncomfortable. I will bring honesty, flexibility and a strength-based approach to the practice and ask that when able to, you do the same. I look forward to working with you or your child/loved one and thank you for considering treatment at this time.