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  • Brittany Motley (she/her)

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    Brittany Motley (she/her)

    My name is Brittany Motley. I am currently licensed as a School Psychologist. I received my Bachelor’s degree from Bridgewater State University and my Master’s degree from the University of Massachusetts (Boston). Prior to gaining my degree and licensure, I have spent the last nine years working with children and families in a variety of different capacities including behavioral support, social-emotional support, in-home and center based ABA therapy and educational challenges. In my current role as a School Psychologist, I am responsible for psychological testing, IEP planning and counseling. A large part of my role is also supporting students and families with executive function difficulties that may be impacting them in and out of the classroom. My passion for this field began with the journey of navigating the special education world as an older sister to a sibling with educational challenges. My goal will always be to help families and students in any way possible to have a positive educational experience, as well as gain the tools necessary to help them throughout daily life, school, college and in their chosen careers.