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  • Integrated Behavioral Health

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    Integrated Behavioral Health

    We have providers who are co-located with Pediatric Associates of Greater Salem and Beverly (PAGS) to assist medical providers with identifying the early signs of mental health issues. Our Behavioral Health Providers share the PAGS offices in Salem and Beverly to be available for a conversation and mental health support in the moment.

    You might interact with our Integrated Behavioral Health providers during a medical appointment or after receiving a referral from your Primary Care Physician at PAGS. These providers have the same mental health training as our therapists and are also equipped to address concerns around crisis, as well as referrals for services outside of PAGS and Moving Forward Counseling Services. Working with an integrated behavioral health provider allows your medical and behavioral health clinicians to collaborate with patients and families to treat medical conditions and related behavioral health factors that impact health and overall wellbeing.

    Benefits to Integrated Behavioral Health include:

    • Quicker access to individual and family therapy services
    • Coordinated care with your medical and behavioral health providers
    • Improved health outcomes for your child’s behavioral and emotional wellbeing