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  • Impact Coaching

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    Impact Coaching Services

    Many individuals with mental health conditions find themselves experiencing challenges within areas of self-management such as organization, time-management, prioritization, motivation, and/or task-initiation. Services that directly address these organizational issues are limited and costly. Moving Forward Counseling Services is hopeful to meet this critical need by offering Impact Coaching and Groups.

    In Impact Coaching, you will work one-on-one with a supportive professional to articulate your academic and professional goals. You and your coach will work in partnership to identify your personal strengths and pinpoint the challenges you face when learning or working. Your coach will then reveal strategies and tools to improve your executive-functioning skills, and you will practice them in a supportive environment so that you can find success in and out of the classroom and workplace. Your coach will be available to check-in throughout the week to discuss progress and troubleshoot barriers that you encounter.

    Impact Coaching is a stand-alone intervention, but can be used in conjunction with other supports like therapy and tutoring. We offer Impact Coaching services for students in K-12 education, along with college students, and adults managing the demands of daily life.

    Our current Impact Coaching Services include:

    • Packages of weekly coaching sessions. A single coaching session costs $125. Clients can may as they go or purchase a package of weekly sessions. Package pricing is below. Email [email protected] for more info. 
      • 1 week (pay as you go) at $125
      • 5 weeks at $600 ($120/session)
      • 10 weeks at $1150 ($115/session)
      • 15 weeks at $1650 ($110/session)