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  • Equine, Animal Assisted, & Ecological Therapy

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    Moving Forward Counseling Services is proud to offer Equine, Animal Assisted, and Ecological Therapy services at our Georgetown, MA location at the Boston Polo Club.


    Equine Therapy

    Equine assisted therapy is a typical psychotherapy service involving equines. Equine therapy offers the opportunity for clients and clinicians to work together with horses as equal partners in an experiential process, empowering life-changing outcomes.

    Animal Assisted Therapy

    Similar in principle to Equine Therapy, Animal Assisted Therapy offers the opportunity to therapeutically interact with animals. Clients will engage in therapy at the farm, meeting their counselor away from the traditional office setting and instead, in the elements of nature.

    Ecological Therapy

    Our Ecological Therapy Services offer clients the opportunity to meet their counselor at the farm. Clients participating in ecotherapy typically enjoy walking in nature, exploring the grounds of the farm, with the ability to engage in hands-on.