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  • Animal Assisted Therapy

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    Similar in principle to Equine Therapy, Animal Assisted Therapy offers the opportunity to therapeutically interact with animals. Clients will engage in therapy at the farm, meeting their counselor away from the traditional office setting and instead, in the elements of nature. Our Georgetown farm is home to horses, donkeys, bunnies, and chickens. Participating in therapy alongside animals helps break down barriers. Animal Assisted Therapy is particularly effective for younger clients who don’t do well in a typical therapy setting.

    Benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy (

    • Decreased stress levels
    • Reduced anger and aggression
    • Decreased hostility toward the self and others
    • Improved social interactions
    • Decreased heart rate and blood pressure
    • Rise in release of beta-endorphins
    • Improvement in self-esteem, patience, and trust
    • Sense of empowerment